Briony Goffin is an experienced writer, tutor and facilitator. She is a lecturer in Creative Writing at Cardiff university, Writer-in-Residence at Whitchurch Hospital in Cardiff and Literary Editor of Blown Magazine. She has been teaching writing in academic, community and healthcare contexts since 2002, in South Wales and the South West of England. She has published widely on the art of teaching creative writing and supporting the emergent writer to fulfil their creative potential. In May 2012 Briony was awarded 'Inspirational Tutor of the Year' by NIACE Dysgu Cymru.



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In 2003 Briony established her independent series of courses and workshops in Wiveliscombe, Somerset. The idea was and remains today, to create a safe and structured space for new and curious writers to:

  • Do the writing they need to do and become the writer they want to be.
  • Share their stories and their ideas, and experience being deeply listened to.
  • Develop new skills and discover new subjects that will extend their artistic repertoire.
  • Experience enhanced self-expression and self-revelation through the writing and sharing process.
  • Have an enriching social, as well as intellectual experience in a warm and salubrious environment.

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creative writing &
the visual arts

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workshops for artists
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Some Participant Comments

''I always look forward to Briony's workshops with excited and pleasurable expectation. Whether it is 'memoir writing', 'writing in the landscape', or the 10-week creative courses, it is always stimulating to be part of her classes. I gain so much from her
gentle encouragement and constructive criticism. Also, it is a great joy to be in the company of many interesting people. We share laughter, tears, biscuits(!) and our creative 'masterpieces.' I thank them all for their affirmation and their company.''

Helen Morgan


'' I spent over 30 years working in public relations and journalism, writing mostly for clients and I'd won prizes for corporate communications. But what I wanted to do was write for myself as I had done when I was much younger. I used to fantasise about writing really a good novel but all my attempts ended up in the waste bin. All this changed when I joined one of Briony Goffin's creative writing groups in May 2004, which made me think about what and how I write in a completely different way. And floodgates opened. I am now working on a novel at last, I'm putting together a portfolio of short stories - many of which began as writing exercises within the group - and in 2006 started a blog, which is still going. Writing within a group and sharing what we write was a completely new experience for me; now I can't imagine life without it.''

''Briony is a remarkable young woman and a truly inspirational teacher. Without her guidance and encouragement, I would never have found my writer's voice. And certainly wouldn't have taken the risk of retiring early so that I could really concentrate on writing.''

Diane Trembath


'I think the most important thing was that I felt safe - contained - not fenced in by rigid boundaries or the structure of linear exercises but there were original ideas to work on and support of a great group feeling. A safe playground was created for our words to frolic. Even when creativity and imagination felt like hiding in a dark cave they are lured out with delicious bait. Safety - fun - understanding - inspiration -that's what I value most about the sessions.'

Anne Willsdon


''Briony has a singular skill in persuading your inner critic to shut up for a few hours. She silences them with charm, intelligence and probably a little bit of hidden cunning, and then helps to coax out your words. Its quite extraordinary how these little splinters of light can briefly illuminate a room, and, of course, that only has to happen once before you start feeling inspired to look for more''.



''To spend two hours a week in the company of such talented writers is a joy. I am always amazed as each week everyone seems to raise their game and produce such wonderful work. All this overseen by the brilliant Briony who guides and advises us, pushing us into areas perhaps we would never venture. Long may it continue.''



''As a very nervous beginner in September 2004,
I joined Briony's creative writing courses and
related workshops. With Briony's gently structure,
permission-giving approach to tutoring and her
guidance in small safe -haven classes, I was
able to open up my writing floodgates into a
whole new way of life!

More recently, my painting and writing have
been extended into boundary-dissolving realms
of creativity generated in and beyond the
themed workshops run by Briony and artist
Judy Willoughby.

I also continue to work with Briony as my core
writing guide in her one-to-one sessions and
we can go off into experimental writing worlds
I didn't know existed!''



''It was a real joy to attend the writing in the landscape workshop. Briony is creative, inspiring and a very giving tutor with incredible perception. The setting was simply magical, and with the freedom to roam into the meadows and beyond for inspiration, the creativity flowed. Reviewing the work amongst the group was very rewarding, Briony seems to draw like minded yet very different individuals to her workshops and it was a treat to listen to others work and be able to read my own knowing that I had a readily appreciative group to share it with. This workshop is a must for anyone who loves nature, and is happy to lose themselves in the grasses of a meadow, or atop a hill with the most wonderful views and sounds. Breathe it all in and let nature take hold of the pen!''

Ellie Lyons, Youth Support Worker


''Going on a Briony Goffin creative writing workshop is like having a piece of gooey chocolate cake mid-morning with your coffee - it is pure indulgence and the ultimate me-time! There is no pressure to produce a masterpiece, just a slow release of thoughts and ideas you never thought you were capable of producing. I have made some wonderful friends and come away feeling empowered and energised. I look forward to every workshop.''

Cathy Monaghan


''I've never been able to sing ...... but I believe that I have found my voice through writing! In a fun, yet safe environment I have been able to explore, pushing boundaries, opening up to self-expression and finding each member of the group's writings so diverse and rich in life's experiences.''

Teresa Whiting


''Briony is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered - inspiring warm, totally involved. Her insight and encouragement helped me to really let my writing and ideas flow, and to believe in myself. Very stimulating - and fun too.''

Sue Mitchinson


'' Let yourself be lured to the mysterious world of
creative writing. Positive, innovative, Briony guides you through your unexplored mind where buried thought and feelings turn into poetic prose and wonderful stories. I, a, French speaker, have found the voice of my English tongue, thanks to her continuous support and confidence.''

Paule Yeomans


''Working with Briony for the past two years has unlocked my potential as a writer and a creator. In a group she facilitates support and encouragement; in one-to-one sessions she gives focused and precise insight on writing development. I have grown in confidence and self-worth and it has also been a very healing and spiritual experience for me. I recommend Briony's courses to everyone who loves to write. She has a rare gift of unveiling the spark of creativity in everyone she teaches and she has sincere compassion and empathy for everyone. I treasure our times together.''

Elaine Necchi-Ghiri


''I started Briony's classes because I wanted to develop the way that I wrote about the important things in my life. This includes my paintings and other artworks, as well as how I record my experiences, memories, dreams and daily musings on life and the universe. I have a variety of horrible memories of the experience of writing at school, so I was relieved to find Briony's classes the antithesis of these experiences.

I enjoyed every aspect of the weekly meetings, it kept me focused on my writing aims until eventually it became interwoven into a natural part of my life activity. I write now when I don't have time to draw or paint, to capture images, feelings and thoughts that I can refer back to later or simply to re-read them and enjoy the writing for what it is. I find writing now a very satisfying activity, thanks Briony!''

Sara Fairfax